food should be free. water should be free. housing should be free. power, fuel, electricity should be free. basic necessities should be free.

the idea of “people should have to work…

I reblogged this a couple days ago and people kept trying to tell me all we need to do is create a barter system and everything will be fixed.

I understand people having an issue with fiat currency and central banks but I don’t get the people that just hate ‘money’.

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All these people I was in the marine corps with

'The enemy is knocking at our door.'

Some of them are actually afraid that ISIL is going to attack american military at their private residences….

How the fuck did I live around these people for all those years? Jfc

Anonymous asked:
Thank fuck Obama is dropping bombs in Iraq you delusional fuckwit there's a genocide going on. Get the fuck off tumblr and do something worth while instead of complain about shit you go no idea about. PEACE!


"Thank fuck Obama is dropping bombs…PEACE!"

And they say satire is dead.



The Independent: “Obama becomes fourth president in a row to go on tv and announce Iraq bombings”

I have this friend from high school

He supports the war in Afghanistan but not the war in Iraq.

Supports war with ISIL.

Supports a raise in the minimum wage.

Supports taxes, police and the military pretty much unconditionally.

Calls himself a Libertarian.

I don’t get it.


We were never the aggressors; we only defended our lands, women and children -Sitting Bull

Remembering the Battle of Greasy Grass, June 25th, 1876



This is very legitimate I honestly don’t know how I am just now hearing about this and I live in Pennsylvania! Every single family had been presumed guilty, a patent violation of every notion of our civil liberties.

This is what statism is destined for. This is the only possible outcome of the War on Drugs — innocent victims.

The New York Times: Unions Manipulate New York City's Public Pension Funds To Punish Their Enemies

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My anaconda don’t want none unless you understand that every human being is a sovereign individual, complete with a very basic set of human rights granted by birth, and free to make their own choices without coercion or any threat of violence, hun.

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